Dr. Anand is a true gem. I am a classic case of an insomniac experiencing sleep deprivation for many a months. This really affected my daily routine as I was constantly feeling weak, lacking focus and lethargic. I tried all sorts of medication,alcohol, tried to tire my self out with rigorous sports activity daily but it was to no avail. My mind would still be very active by the end of the day and when it was time for bed and I will not be able to shut down. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I was referred to by a friend to visit Dr. Anand at Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Anand cured me with just 2 sessions of his therapy. I was shocked and surprised I was falling asleep during our first session. His methods and approach were so simplistic, it all boils down to the power of your own mind. By our second session, I had already mastered the skills and technique to train my mind and to command my self to be at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Anand for patients out there who have severe insomnia or sleep related problems.

Firhan Nair

Good experience! Dr Anand is very patience and cares about his patients.

Ahmad Fairuz

Guess most of Malaysians not aware of how a hypnotherapy process can help a person. In my case I’m having a major problem to get into sleep,yes I can’t sleep ,it’s called insomnia and I tried various way to sleep but nothing seems to help me and at same time I told to my self that I’m not going take any medication just to fall in sleep. That’s where I contacted this service,I was helped by Dr Anand , a therapist who hypnosis me. I know it’s sound silly but this is true. This is not black magic or so call PUKAU ,this is something knowing something which has been with you guys for a long time ,subconscious mind ,so do discover your self by this process which will help to heal. I’m glad that now I can sleep without obstacles. Thank you

Kaviarrasu Dhurray

Saya merupakan penghidap ocd…sejenis penyakit mental..saya berjumpa dengan dr anand utk sesi hipnoterapi…beliau membimbing saya ke arah mencari punca kepada permasalahan saya dengan cara melihat ke dalam diri sendiri menggunakan kaedah hipnosis…hipnosis merupakan satu terapi yg menjadikan seseorang itu berada dalam keadaan separa sedar…supaya dapat melihat ke dalam diri dalam mencari punca dan beliau membimbing saya untuk melatih diri keluar dari perasaan ocd. Setakat ini…saya cuba melatih dengan menggunakan teknik yang dajar sambil dibantu audio yang diberikan… kesan terapi ini..masih diperingkat awal…

Hipnosis merupakan kaedah yang berbeza dari pukau..pukau menggunakan mantera dan jampi..menggunakan perantara jin untuk tujuan merompak atau melakukan sesuatu yang buruk kepada orang yang kena pulau. Orang yang kena pukau tidak mampu mengawal diri sendri…manakala orang yang kena hipnosis mampu berfikir dan mengawal apa yang ada disekelilingnya

Dr anand memberikan bantuan yang baik..mudah mesra walaupn pertama kali bertemu. Beliau ikhlas membantu pesakitnya untuk sembuh dan bukan hanya memikirkan wang semata-mata…beliau sentiasa mengambil berat pesakitnya walaupn selepas sesi terapi

Nurul Fakri Osman

Dr Anand is really patient and genuine in helping clients in solving problems. He is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and he is willing to share tips and tactics to practice at home. I am glad to have found Dr Anand to help me in hypnotheraphy to overcome my fear.

Agnes Wong

Excellent service. Lots of pretalks and videos documents before my hypnotherapy session to help inform me. Real attention to detail service and Dr Anand is very kind and calm and this put me at ease and made it easy to relax. Feeling more confident and positive that I can cut smoking out of my life, even after smoking for nearly 30 years. Very grateful to have found this great service and support team.

Charlotte Newsholme

Before I met Dr anand, life was really bad. I had becomes so negative that I had programed my mind and body to work against me. I was on the verge of self destruction. It was do or die for me. When I first met Dr Anand, I was sceptical because I’ve gone through other means for help but nothing worked. However, Dr Anand helped me see that there is always a positive side to things. Gave me a new found perception of things. To turn negative into positive. That was life changing because the answers did not come from him but from within myself. He just helped me search for it. I was shocked to see I was able to think hopefully again rather than just surrender my life away. Eventhough its half a road to walk on , its better than not having any road to go on.

Jai Kishen

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr Anand, for the prompt and professional treatment, given to my son (Jai Kishen), who has been suffering from severe depression and more. Meeting Dr Anand and listening to his methodology, took away a lot of my apprehension I had at first. His total commitment towards my son ‘s welfare, gave me so much hope and encouragement. Seeing my son’ s fast pace recovery, I am now able to look forward to a long held dream that he too would be able to have a decent life like most. To Dr Anand sir, without your professional help, this would not have been possible at all, so you can imagine how grateful I am. Thank you once again sir, for all your wonderful care and support and always being there for us. And also for helping us get through a very rough patch in our lives. We appreciate you sir, immensely. Best regards and multiple best wishes to you sir. (Jaikishen ‘s mom.)

Jayanthi Pillay

Exactly the break that my brain needs after 3 years of struggle.


Dr. Anand is really good! In just 2 sessions, I can already see he’s a very genuine person. I feel I have more control of my mind, and have connected deeper with myself…


It’s really my honoured to meet such generous person, Dr Anand, to be able to see me on such a short notice on a Sunday. He is truly passionate in helping others to solve their problems and the way he runs his program is really about helping others not financially driven. Thank you Dr Anand for your patience, generosity and your professional guidance in showing me the techniques to help my problems.

Micheal Soong

The first session goes smoothly even though i came feeling sleepy due to lack of sleep. Dr Anand is very good in helping me going to a calm state and to relax my mind. Definitely going to recommend to others.


Dr Anand’s simple yet effective methods are helping me stay calm and less anxious to help me deal with my myriad of issues. He manages to pinpoint the root cause by looking within myself and finding best means to deal with long pent up issues that have riled my emotions of late. I think a lot of us need wonderful people like Dr Anand to help refocus our mind and thoughts to live a better life despite the daily struggles and challenges .And help us be a better person to our family without letting the stress and worry of life to affect relationships. I am still a newbie but i hope i can continue his methods and stick to the programme. If you are down, see Dr Anand! He wont fix you..he helps you unearth the true you , and once you get it..you can start fixing yourself. It requires practice..self awareness and control to refocus before you react! Thank you Dr Anand. Lifesaver ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏


I feel safe and comfortable with Dr. Anand. It just took me 1 session to get the result of what I wanted. He helped me to reconnect my past to present so that I can now have a better insight on my blocking thoughts and to move on. Highly recommended for those who are seeking for help in timeline or regression therapy especially in limiting believes because he is very dedicated to help you.

Hendrik Sterk

This is my first experience going for a hypnothery. I would say that it I really interesting. They will put you to a calm state which will help you to figure out your problem and find the solution. Dr. Anand and Cindy have been really helpful and supportive. Dr. Anand messages me everyday to see my progress and it really helps me to stay positive.

Wan Faizul

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical coming into this, even though I wholeheartedly believed that to be the master of one’s environment, one has to be the master of his/ her mind first, as I’ve tried many things myself to overcome regressive and unproductive thoughts, but Dr Anand has convinced me with simple techniques that there is still hope for me to bring my thinking to where it needs to be. I’m already feeling less depressed, my appetite and sleeping has also improved. Looking forward to our next session, as I felt like there is still more to learn. 😀 Highly recommended, especially if you need some help to refocus on your core issue to kick a particular bad habit, but remember to come with an open mind.

Sabrina Gan

Thank you Dr. Anand. I feel like a new person since I have attended your session. You are totally professional, ethical and unique.

Dr. Deepanesh & Dr. Suba

I fly in less than a week and I feel that my fear/nervousness of just thinking about my flight has decreased after the 1st session. I am still not there yet but I am hopeful to eliminate it after the 2nd session.

Alia Maghfur

I have an experience on how to control my anger with myself. Honestly, It works for me & I have learned all within me only not others .Dr. Anand helped me how it works…… He is very honorable person who can tolerate with me & he helped me to solve problems….
Wonderful experience! I would definitely recommend it to others. Honestly, it worked for me after my very first session. I feel like I could understand the power of my mind and regain control over it especially when solving issues within myself. 5 stars!

Guganes Dharma

I strongly recommend to everyone to meet Dr Anand. Because he has too much experience in hypnosis. Let me share you my experience on hypnosis.

Peoples saying that hypnosis is a same like Black Magic but it’s totally wrong.
Hypnosis is the name of Treatment. If you have Anxiety, Depression, Fear, No Confidence, negative thinking, sleeping problems or anything in your mind. The all problems solutions is Hypnosis. Because HypnoTherepy is the only method that you can reprogram your mind. And will enjoy the New Life.

So i will Suggest to you. If you have any problem please contact Dr Anand because he is the specialist of HypnoTherepy and he will give u a new life.

Jalal Khan

I believe in seeking professional help in coping on my anxiety issues rather than sharing it with closed ones. This is because most people responded on issues based on their own experience, not thoughtful and can be a biased judgement. Whereby, professionals guide you to compartmentalize your problems and opens up path for you to solve your own problems. I was sceptic with this method but I realized that in order to make it work, I need to let, allow and believe it to work. So just relax and let the professionals help you. Thank you Dr. Anand for the hypnotherapy journey. I really hope this can be a platform for other people to cope overcome their challenges when they feel stucked, suffocated and trapped in their life.

Hamizah Hussein

The hypnotherapy service could make the patient calm down and find the root cause of traumatic. After the finding, patients are taught on few methods on how to control the trauma each time it’s trigger. This could help the patients to handle their own situation anywhere.

Jollene Tan

Love the methods Dr Anand taught me to get rid of my fear and to bring back my confidence. With only 1 session I can easily shoo off my irrational thoughts/ fear. He also taught me to prepare myself for my upcoming endoscopy procedure. And never forgets to check on my progress too. Very helpful and a thoughtful person too. Loved the first session and can’t wait for my next!

Yugga Dharshini Selvaraj

Dr Anand is totally spectacular. His ability to connect with the patient to help them unravel the problems that underlie in their subconscious is amazing.

If you’re open to change and elevating yourself to the next level, I definitely recommend.

Oswald Taona

I am a bipolar disorder patient and depend on medicine to live a normal life. I will feel constantly scared to be in crowd. Dr. Anand had brought me out of my own cage. He made me to realize that there is a meaning to life. I am now slowly learning to be less fearful in crowd with the hypnosis sessions and it worked well.

Thanya Larshmi Jenardernak


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