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5 Star Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Dr. Anand is a true gem. I am a classic case of an insomniac experiencing sleep deprivation for many a months. This really affected my daily routine as I was constantly feeling weak, lacking focus and lethargic. I tried all sorts of medication,alcohol, tried to tire my self out with rigorous sports activity daily but it was to no avail. My mind would still be very active by the end of the day and when it was time for bed and I will not be able to shut down. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I was referred to by a friend to visit Dr. Anand at Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Anand cured me with just 2 sessions of his therapy. I was shocked and surprised I was falling asleep during our first session. His methods and approach were so simplistic, it all boils down to the power of your own mind. By our second session, I had already mastered the skills and technique to train my mind and to command my self to be at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Anand for patients out there who have severe insomnia or sleep related problems.

Firhan Nair

I rarely do share my review but I make this the exceptional time in my life. Hypnotherapy greatly improve my mental well-being. Before the session, the doctor, Dr. Anand was highly courteous and spend time exploring me as a patient without exerting any pressure or limitations. Though a single session, it has proven to be highly effective in correcting my subconscious mind and extract unknown memories and pains that has effected my weight management all this years. I definitely highly recommend to those who are in such indecision in finding that unsearchable part of the mind that maybe hypnotherapy can help you find an answer to some of your questions and may lead you to a better life. It improved mine, so whats the risk? Nothing, because you have more to gain from it.

Alias Iskandar

It’s really my honoured to meet such generous person, Dr Anand, to be able to see me on such a short notice on a Sunday. He is truly passionate in helping others to solve their problems and the way he runs his program is really about helping others not financially driven. Thank you Dr Anand for your patience, generosity and your professional guidance in showing me the techniques to help my problems.

Micheal Soong

Dr. Anand is really good! In just 2 sessions, I can already see he’s a very genuine person. I feel I have more control of my mind, and have connected deeper with myself…


The first session goes smoothly even though i came feeling sleepy due to lack of sleep. Dr Anand is very good in helping me going to a calm state and to relax my mind. Definitely going to recommend to others.


Dr Anand’s simple yet effective methods are helping me stay calm and less anxious to help me deal with my myriad of issues. He manages to pinpoint the root cause by looking within myself and finding best means to deal with long pent up issues that have riled my emotions of late. I think a lot of us need wonderful people like Dr Anand to help refocus our mind and thoughts to live a better life despite the daily struggles and challenges .And help us be a better person to our family without letting the stress and worry of life to affect relationships. I am still a newbie but i hope i can continue his methods and stick to the programme. If you are down, see Dr Anand! He wont fix you..he helps you unearth the true you , and once you get can start fixing yourself. It requires practise..self awareness and control to refocus before you react! Thank you Dr Anand. Lifesaver!


I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical coming into this, eventhough I wholeheartedly believed that to be the master of one’s environment, one has to be the master of his/ her mind first, as I’ve tried many things myself to overcome regressive and unproductive thoughts, but Dr Anand has convinced me with simple techniques that there is still hope for me to bring my thinking to where it needs to be. I’m already feeling less depressed, my appetite and sleeping has also improved. Looking forward to our next session, as I felt like there is still more to learn. Highly recommended, especially if you need some help to refocus on your core issue to kick a particular bad habit, but remember to come with an open mind.

Sabrina Gan

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