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What Is Time Line / Regression Hypnosis

Has your spouse ever mentioned you that you overreacted to a situation but you did not recognize it? Have you ever missed out on important dates such as performance appraisal in your department because of negative emotions? Have you consistently set objectives in the future and had them not materialize?

Our memories are registered and stored as we age and with time, they have more and more influence. Our Time Line is the memory coding of the brain. It is how individuals encode and accumulate their consciousnesses.

The Time Line is a key component to recognition of identity. Our memories, our judgments, our actions positive and bad are assembled here over time and influence how we connect to the world. How we store memories affects how we understand our lives and how we experience time. When we judge of the past, now and future in our mind, we can indeed associate the three with a hypothetical line.

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How Can Time Line / Regression Hypnosis Going to Help You?

Our past events and the memories that go with them influence how we approach present-day situations. Time Line Therapy techniques can aid us to resolve your challenges.

Time Line Therapy™  is a process that  facilitates in:
  • Letting go of Negative Emotions from the past
  • Letting go of Limiting Decisions from the past
  • Finally to Create our future the way we want it.
These are the three principal systems that comprise Time Line Therapy —they are simple to do and make a substantial transformation in an individual’s life. Come and talk to us on how we can help you to manage your past experience at the subconscious level and clear the effects of your past experience so that you can be benefited from time line therapy.


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