What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, is the utilization of an altered state of consciousness for therapeutic benefit for the patient.

​All hypnotic frames are associated with the extreme state of pleasant relaxation, which individuals allow themselves to enter so that planned, beneficial positive suggestions can be given directly to the area of the mind known as the subconscious. During this state, there is focus concentration for the specific aim of making significant positive changes.

The whole aim of clinical hypnosis is to re-control what has been lost and which is contributing to the symptom or problem. It is estimated that roughly 98% of people of all age groups are readily reacting positively to hypnosis

What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Session?

The first objective of the therapist is to build rapport with the patient. This involves encouraging the client to discuss about their issues.

The discussion also aims at establishing trust and confidence between the therapist and the client. Feeling secure, and relax with the therapist helps the starting of a hypnotic trance The duration of treatments depends on the several factors. With some people a problem like poor self hygiene can be successfully treated in one session. Other problems such as anxiety can take up to 5 or 6 sessions.

The first session usually lasts one and a half hours with the following sessions between an hour and an hour and a half The trance phase is a natural phenomenon. Clinical Hypnotherapy conducted by a medical doctor and professionally certified therapist is absolutely safe.

Hypnotherapy Can Be Used To HELP You

Many patients can hardly believe in hypnotherapy but it’s true because hypnosis can influence your mind through the body or the body through the mind by building a small bridge across the mysterious divide. Many patients have discovered new ways to find relief from long standing pain. Imagine this, you are able to get more out of life, you can control your pain and anxiety or panic attacks. And for the first time you’re able to experience a new exciting life as you always wanted. Hundred of people in Malaysia have already benefited from these simple mind exercise skills combined with positive visualization skills. When is your turn? I’ll be guaranteed you’ll be completely overjoyed with the results!

Dr. Anand

Hypnotherapist, SSM, MCH (London College of Clinical Hypnosis), MBBS (UM), M Anaes (UM)

Dr Anand’s is a trained Anesthesiologist & Critical Care Specialist, praticing in a private healthcare hospital in Selangor for 20 years. His career in as Anasthesia & Critical Care Specialist as a consultant started from University Malaya where he completed his postgraduate training and  served as a clinical lecturer in Anesthesiology Department, UMMC.

At the same time, he has immerse passion in the fielf of Clinical Hypnosis, where he has obtained his certificate of Clinical Hypnosis and Certification in Hypnoanesthesia and Hypnosedation. With his vast experience in medical and administrative matters, he has helped people with psychological mind health issues and assist people with anxiety, depression and many other mind health related issues using solution focused hypnotherapy. He has established a successful Hyphotherapy practice and many wonderful people have benefited this approach.

Success Rate

The Numbers Don’t Lie

You are in good hands because “98%” of our clients of all age groups are reacting positively to hypnosis even in the “first session”. Don’t just take our word of it, why don’t you just scroll down and read all the outstanding testimonials from our clients. Learn how we help them to move forward by control their state of awareness.


React Positively


Customer satisfaction

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by “change”

JUST A SHORT Special hypnosis sessions can make you a believer in just a few minutes… HUNDREDS of people IN MALAYSIA have ALREADY benefited from this simple mind exercise skills combined with positive visualization skills. Don’t wait, act now!

Google Reviews

We are constantly getting “GREAT ratings” and “POSITIVE reviews” from our clients. This mean we strive to deliver the highest quality hypnosis treatment of all the time to exceed our customer expectation

We are happy to share that our hypnosis is highly rated on Google  and we couldn’t have done it without the team’s efforts.

What matters most to you is our treatment going to help you to change your life for the better! Don’t wait, do what matters now! Never allow waiting to become a habit.

5 Star Reviews From Satisfied Clients

The hypnotherapy that I went through in this hospital by Dr Anand is totally a very new experience, comfortable way of going to a surgery where you will be aware of your surroundings and the actions taken upon you. The effect of the post surgery is very much calmer and relaxed compared to a surgery done through GA as it takes a lot of time to recover. The overall recovery time is faster and I would like to recommend to others if they are looking for something that will make them to be calmly conscious during a surgery instead of sleeping and not knowing anything using a GA. Using consciousness is the key point for all good surgery process. And a big thanks to Dr Anand and the team…

Nagakanni Meyaragan

It was so amazing to have this therapy here in KL area. i’m so happy to finally meet Dr Anand. He is very concerned about his patients. very detailed in explaining things. i was amazed by the therapy he did. i can feel my mind now is at peace & my body feel so much lighter than before. i have been thru a lot of depression situations, having a really bad migrain attack since 2010. But in just few hours of the therapy with Dr Anand, it heals a lot. i can now moving forward smoothly from my past life’s pressure. it’s not that easy to break our old habits but Dr Anand has proved me through this therapy, we can create a new productive pattern. In creating our newest self, we must first heal our old life’s pattern. Dr Anand has that method to help your healing with the right mind hacking skills. i definitely recommend this to all young people out there who needs help in life’s depression, anxiety & to whoever wants a change in their lives ❤️

Nur Farikha

I had anxiety issues for 20 years, been through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for 3 years with no positive result. I was amazed my anxiety was reduced by 60% till now after the first session of the therapy!

I wish more people will know how powerful and effective hypnotherapy is. Please note that hypnotherapy is not just for alleviating pain, treating anxiety or depression issues, you can actually modify your limiting beliefs through this therapy to be a better version of yourself. To put in short, it can be for self-improvement purpose.

Dr Anand is very attentive, very patient and very professional and I highly recommend him to those people who would like to experience hypnosis.


I’m 33 years old, married women. 3 years ago I started my career, in couple of months I got married and I thought life was perfect. Due to my workload and stress level I start to have pain all over my joints and body. Each day was difficult. I went to many medical departments, tried all medications including immune system suppressant. None worked out. Doctors suspected it’s a rheumatological disorder but all my blood results were normal. I quit my job due to intolerable pain. I was worried about life and health. One of my friend suggested for hypnotherapy and it was my last hope. When I google for hypnotherapy service in Malaysia, I saw many positive reviews about Dr. Anand and mind wellness solutions. Ms. Cindy (customer care manager) answered all my doubts. Within a week after I contacted them, I got appointment for my 1st session. Within few min after the session started, I started to laugh as I don’t feel pain in certain joints. After 2 hours in the session, for the 1st time I felt pain free and could freely move my body. I know the cause of pain and immediately my mood improve. I didn’t take any medication for my pain. After back home, Dr. Anand call and check on my progress every day. He truly care for his patients. I took anti depressants, because my pain misdiagnosed as MDD. Went to CBT but no improvement. After 3 long years, for the 1st time I truly smile in his office, right after the session. It’s a blessing I found a right place for my problem. Many people told me before that change the way you think but no1 really knows how to do. This is the place for inner engineering.

Lavaniya Ganesh Kumar

Dr. Anand is a true gem. I am a classic case of an insomniac experiencing sleep deprivation for many a months. This really affected my daily routine as I was constantly feeling weak, lacking focus and lethargic. I tried all sorts of medication,alcohol, tried to tire my self out with rigorous sports activity daily but it was to no avail. My mind would still be very active by the end of the day and when it was time for bed and I will not be able to shut down. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I was referred to by a friend to visit Dr. Anand at Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Anand cured me with just 2 sessions of his therapy. I was shocked and surprised I was falling asleep during our first session. His methods and approach were so simplistic, it all boils down to the power of your own mind. By our second session, I had already mastered the skills and technique to train my mind and to command my self to be at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Anand for patients out there who have severe insomnia or sleep related problems.

Firhan Nair

Excellent service. Lots of pretalks and videos documents before my hypnotherapy session to help inform me. Real attention to detail service and Dr Anand is very kind and calm and this put me at ease and made it easy to relax. Feeling more confident and positive that I can cut smoking out of my life, even after smoking for nearly 30 years. Very grateful to have found this great service and support team.

Charlotte Newsholme

It’s really my honoured to meet such generous person, Dr Anand, to be able to see me on such a short notice on a Sunday. He is truly passionate in helping others to solve their problems and the way he runs his program is really about helping others not financially driven. Thank you Dr Anand for your patience, generosity and your professional guidance in showing me the techniques to help my problems.

Micheal Soong

Before I met Dr anand, life was really bad. I had becomes so negative that I had programed my mind and body to work against me. I was on the verge of self destruction. It was do or die for me. When I first met Dr Anand, I was sceptical because I’ve gone through other means for help but nothing worked. However, Dr Anand helped me see that there is always a positive side to things. Gave me a new found perception of things. To turn negative into positive. That was life changing because the answers did not come from him but from within myself. He just helped me search for it. I was shocked to see I was able to think hopefully again rather than just surrender my life away. Eventhough its half a road to walk on , its better than not having any road to go on.

Jai Kishen

The first session goes smoothly even though i came feeling sleepy due to lack of sleep. Dr Anand is very good in helping me going to a calm state and to relax my mind. Definitely going to recommend to others.


Dr Anand’s simple yet effective methods are helping me stay calm and less anxious to help me deal with my myriad of issues. He manages to pinpoint the root cause by looking within myself and finding best means to deal with long pent up issues that have riled my emotions of late. I think a lot of us need wonderful people like Dr Anand to help refocus our mind and thoughts to live a better life despite the daily struggles and challenges .And help us be a better person to our family without letting the stress and worry of life to affect relationships. I am still a newbie but i hope i can continue his methods and stick to the programme. If you are down, see Dr Anand! He wont fix you..he helps you unearth the true you , and once you get it..you can start fixing yourself. It requires practise..self awareness and control to refocus before you react! Thank you Dr Anand. Lifesaver ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏


I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical coming into this, eventhough I wholeheartedly believed that to be the master of one’s environment, one has to be the master of his/ her mind first, as I’ve tried many things myself to overcome regressive and unproductive thoughts, but Dr Anand has convinced me with simple techniques that there is still hope for me to bring my thinking to where it needs to be. I’m already feeling less depressed, my appetite and sleeping has also improved. Looking forward to our next session, as I felt like there is still more to learn. 😀 Highly recommended, especially if you need some help to refocus on your core issue to kick a particular bad habit, but remember to come with an open mind.

Sabrina Gan


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