How to Hypnotise People with Your Eyes

Want to learn , easy steps to Hypnotize someone ? Well your are at the right place than.Use this method , on someone who gives their permission before you hypnotize them and consistently use your ability responsibly. Hypnosis is not just a party trick or a tool to manipulate others. Rather, it is very helpful in  managing people in many aspects of their life


PART 1 : Doing Eye Focusing Exercises


  1. Try to keep eye contact for long stretches of time without flickering. Having complete control  over your eye movements will aid you keep steady eye contact with the other  individual during the hypnosis.
  2. Practice your skill to concentrate with your eyes. Do this by staring at a close object, and then a far object in the room.

PART 2 : Hypnotize with your eyes


  1. Ask the individual for approval. Do this by asking them: “Can I hypnotize you?” Make certain they respond “yes”. It’s requisite that the person be a willing participant. If they resist or don’t want to be hypnotized, the hypnosis will not work.
  2. Have the person sit in a relaxed, upright position.
  3. Tell the person to focus on a spot underneath your right eye. Instruct them not to look elsewhere as you communicate to them.
  4. Stare at them without blinking. Count from five to one in a calm, low tone. As you count, tell them: (A) “Your eyelids are becoming heavier  and heavier”. (B)”Your eyelids are becoming heavy, as if heavy weights are dragging them down”. (C)”Repeat these words several times as you count  from five to one”.
  5. Tell the person you will touch their shoulder and then they will go relaxed.As you touch his/her shoulder, tell them, it’s time to relax further.  Next tell them, do the same for other  parts of their body. Get more  relaxed.
  6. Set them up to follow only your voice. Count down from five to one. Tell them that when you come to “one”, they will merely tune in to the tone  of your voice.
  7. Test out their hypnotic state. Now you have the hypnotic control  over the person, you can try out your ability by having the person touch  their hands or legs.

Always remember, hypnotic  control  must be handled responsibly and conscientiously. The person has placed their faith in you, so do not exploit it by embarrassing them  or injuring them  while they are under hypnosis. If you want to learn more about hypnotizing, please do contact us at +60125881469.

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