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Do you know that smoking related illnesses kill about 20,000 Malaysian annually?

“That will never happen to me”
“I’m too young to die of smoking”
I know this is hard to believe, but read till the end…
I will show how you live now is leading preventable cause of death in Malaysia.
And I will share with you the secret way to stop smoking in just 7 days and start living the healthy life!

How To Quit Smoking?

There are numerous strategies ways to quit smoking, cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy and various medications. However for people looking a few alternative therapies that have shown some potential to help people quit, most well received and well known of these alternative therapies is quitting smoking with hypnotherapy. Now you start wondering how is the hypnotherapy work for you?

Well, you will be told to sit or lie down somewhere, get comfortable and close your eyes. Once you are in a suggestible state, the hypnotherapist will then start using hypnosis techniques to help battle the need for cigarette and more traditional therapy methods to try and remove underlying issues that may cause the addiction.

Does Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Work?


This is the major question which always open for debate. Quite simply the answer is , sometimes. Any hypnotherapist will inform you that results are not guaranteed and that only some 75% people can be hypnotized.


Many reasons have been cited for this. the one that is most often being a factor is an open mind. If you are skeptical naturally and are not able to approach the sessions with open state of mind then hypnotherapy may not be suitable for you


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