Neuro-Modulation Hypno Coaching

Coaching the unconscious mind is a psychological approach , which concurs with Neuro Linguistic Programming and advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.


What is Coaching the Unconscious mind?

Coaching and supervising the client’s mind by altering attention from present awareness which is the presenting issue to previous encounters and analyzing to obtain further understanding finding resources and creating desired future visions and letting go of agonizing emotions, which has been holding you down like glue in between hurt and pain.

How this Transformation Process will be taught to you:

  1. Deconstruct the issue
  2. Install solution to the dilemma like new belief, new behavior, new ability
  3. Generalize it into your way of life, in actual case scenarios.

How can this coaching help you?

This is all accomplished through conversationally shifting attention from where the individual is at and where would they like to be which is the desired objective and the Coaching system has steps which we will walk you through and discover pros and cons and thus reorient the track to victory and accomplish the needed goal so. As a Coach, our role is to empower you to exceed goals in both personal and professionals lives.

What will you experience in these coaching sessions?

  1. First, we will find out what is the root cause of the presenting issue.
  2. This will help us decide the best way to overcome whatever issue you’re having.
  3. We will teach YOU how you can create a state of awareness where you can access your unconscious and make deep-seated and lasting changes.
  4. Find solutions to long-standing problems
  • Wipe away old limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.
  • Develop new positive thoughts and new healthier habits.
  • Facilitate realistic and achievable goals.
  • Take active control of your health, your career, your relationships, and your life in general.

How many session needed?

Usually, it will take between (1 session is a good start ) 2 to 3 sessions to work through the presenting issue and may require 1 to 2 sessions to stabilize the changes, new beliefs and values. To experience total changes for some it takes 4-6 weeks, but the transformation will occur and you get to see your new you.

This is because the mind is very complex and sometimes you will clear one issue, which allows for the suppressed issue to pop up as your mind is now ready to deal with it. That is why sometime you will need more sessions to find that complete transformation.


To ensure all of our guest have a quality therapy session, we humbly encourage you to fill up the form and book an appointment with us to ensure prompt appointment setting for you. Only appointment based are entertained. This is to ensure professional care given to your needs.
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