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Anxiety and Panic Attack?

Many individuals have had encountered overwhelming anxiety and symptoms include, heart  pounds (palpitations), difficulty in breathing, or one  may even feel like  dying or going crazy. If  untreated, panic attacks can contribute to panic disorder, chronic  gastritis and many more.

Panic  attack signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of a panic attack develop swiftly, which consists of:

  • Shortness of breath

  • Heart palpitations or racing  heart

  • Chest pain or discomfort

  • Trembling or shaking

  • Choking feeling

  • Feeling unreal or dissociated from your surroundings

  • Sweating

  • Nausea or upset stomach

  • Feeling dizzy, light-headed, or faintNumbness or tingling sensations

  • Hot or cold flashes

  • Fear of dying, losing control, or going crazy

What do you do when you have these symptoms?

The following self-help techniques can make a big difference to helping you overcome panic:


  1. Learn about panic and anxiety.

  2. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine.

  3. Learn how to control your breathing.

  4. Practice relaxation techniques.

  5. Connect face-to-face with family and friends.

  6. Exercise regularly.

  7. Get enough restful sleep.

Does Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Work?


This is the major question which always open for debate. Quite simply the answer is , sometimes. Any hypnotherapist will inform you that results are not guaranteed and that only some 75% people can be hypnotized.


Many reasons have been cited for this. the one that is most often being a factor is an open mind. If you are skeptical naturally and are not able to approach the sessions with open state of mind then hypnotherapy may not be suitable for you

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